KoRn 1994-12-03 Cactus Club, San Jose, CA, USA

Other Bands: Deftones


  1. Blind
  2. Ball Tongue (with snippets of «La Di Da Di» from Slick Rick and «It Takes Two» from Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock)
  3. Fake
  4. Divine
  5. Low Rider (War cover) (Snippet)
  6. Shoots and Ladders
  7. Clown (with Molested Intro (Early demo version from «My Gift To You»))
  8. U Mean I’m Not? (Black Sheep cover)
  9. Lies
  10. Faget

Show Notes:
Setlist were compared with video.

Setlist — screenshot from videotape

Source 0: Video — AUD
Transfer: VHS(?) > DVD (Standalone) > Reauthored with DVDlab PRO > DVD
Location: Stage Cam
Taper: ?
Time: 00:42:31
Format: DVD / 704*576 / 256 kbps / 2,86 GB

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