KoRn 2010-06-24 The Encounter 2, KoRn Crop Circle, Bakersfield, CA, USA


    Korn Live: The Encounter

  1. Uber-Time (Intro)
  2. Oildale (Leave Me Alone)
  3. Pop a Pill
  4. Need To (only played until bridge section)
  5. Coming Undone (First time without Queen’s ‘ We Will Rock You’ since 2007)
  6. Let the Guilt Go (Live Premiere)
  7. Here to Stay
  8. Falling Away from Me (Band Jam Session with Jonathan Davis on guitar)
  9. Throw Me Away (Band Jam Session)
  10. Move On (Live Premiere, only time live)
  11. The Past (Live Premiere, Band Jam Session afterwards)
  12. Freak on a Leash (Band Jam Session)
  13. Are You Ready to Live? (Live Premiere, only time live, Band Jam Session afterwards)
  14. Shoots and Ladders
  15. Clown
  16. Got the Life

Show Notes:
This show took place in a crop circle. Although a live performance piece, the concert itself has no audience beyond production crew. The show got first broadcast on Sunday July 11, 2010 on HDNet, with «Need To» and «Coming Undone» cut from the broadcast. The DVD version was released on December 6, 2011 as a bonus disc with the special edition of Korn’s tenth studio release, The Path of Totality.

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