KoRn — Kill You — Текст песни

Live’n life, don’t you cry
My life, pain is God
Many nights, painful thoughts occur
Yell at me, again I’m wrong

In denial, I tried to be your friend
I tried to be a good boy

All I see, a hate deep inside
Startle me, someone save me

Now these memories, fill my heart, they bury me

All I wanna do
You are not my real mother
Is kill you should I beat and stab and fuck her

Looking back I was never ever right
You were my step-mom who always wanted me out of your sight
I would come walkin’ in and I’d say hello,
but you’d slap me and you make some fucked up comment about my clothes,
then I tried to let it pass, but the visions in my head,
were with you with a knife up your ass, laying dead,
so I pop some more caps in your ass,
Now your son is not so fun
Motherfucking bitch
Never try to play me

You made my life not so good
All I wanna do… is kill you

Wish you were dead now

How can I cry over someone I never loved?
How can I cry over someone I never loved?
Never loved…

Secret End Stuff
ready fuckin’ little middle guy
I’m gonna us the force here we go

you not rrrh rot
dot n dot n dot per rot
dot n not n dot per

n dot chi cot n dot rrr ah
dot dot ki o ma gri a dot
dot ers a pa ta ko

some play to we
a dot think up a bite rah
sometimes you might
ooh ooh rrrh
we thought we might

dot be mer hot something
what are you ma ah
do bro what are mines is
dot ooh ooh
rot in dot n bite
ooh na na er na he
woo hoo rah
ate no hoo dot er ha
ya dot im wer rah