KoRn 2003-12-13 KUPD Big Red Xmas Show 2003, Dodge Theatre, Phoenix, AZ, USA

400 W Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85003, United States
Directions: Google Maps
Open 11 April 2002 — September 2010. Also known as Dodge Theater.


  1. Intro (Drum)
  2. Right Now
  3. Break Some Off
  4. Got the Life
  5. Ball Tongue (with snippets of «It Takes Two» from Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock and «La Di Da Di» from Slick Rick)
  6. Here to Stay
  7. It’s On!
  8. Freak on a Leash
  9. Did My Time
  10. Helmet in the Bush
  11. Y’All Want a Single
  12. Blind
  13. Encore:

  14. Bagpipe Interlude
  15. Let’s Do This Now
  16. Falling Away From Me (with a snippet of Metallica’s «One» at the end)