KoRn 2005-12-16 Bicentennial Park, Miami, FL, USA

1075 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132, USA
Directions: Google Maps
www.bayfrontparkmiami.com (Also known as Bicentennial Park Grounds)


  1. Here to Stay
  2. Twist
  3. Got the Life
  4. Liar
  5. Coming Undone
  6. Falling Away From Me
  7. Twisted Transistor
  8. Shoots and Ladders (with a snippet of Metallica’s «One» at the end)
  9. Freak on a Leash
  10. Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd cover)
  11. Encore:

  12. Blind
  13. Y’All Want a Single