Jonathan Davis and the SFA 2007-11-07 Woodshed Recording, Malibu, CA, USA (Also known as Woodshed Recording Studio)


  1. Intro (Queen Of The Damned)
  2. System
  3. Last Legal Drug (Le Petit Mort) (Korn cover)
  4. 4 U (Korn cover)
  5. Hey Daddy (Korn cover)
  6. Forsaken
  7. Dirty (Korn cover)
  8. Alone I Break (Korn cover)
  9. Slept So Long
  10. Love on the Rocks (Neil Diamond cover)
  11. Hushabye (Korn cover)
  12. Kick the P.A. (Korn & The Dust Brothers cover)
  13. Not Meant For Me
  14. Hold On (Korn cover)
  15. Blue Monday (New Order cover)
  16. Careless (Akasha’s Lament)
  17. The Chauffeur (Duran Duran cover)
  18. Tearjerker (Korn cover)
  19. Redeemer
  20. Got the Life (Korn cover)
  21. Trash (Korn cover)
  22. Falling Away From Me (Korn cover)

Show Notes:
First show, later released as DVD/CD combo set «Alone I Play». The audience were the bands friends and family.