KoRn 2007-06-01 Rock im Park 2007, Zeppelinfeld, Nuremberg, Germany

Also known as Rock im Park, Zeppelinfield
Event / Festival: Rock im Park 2007
Other Bands: As I Lay Dying, Chimaira, Die Ärzte, DragonForce, Finley, Good Charlotte, Kilians, MIA., Megadeth, Paolo Nutini, Sunrise Avenue, The Kooks, Travis, Velvet Revolver, Wir sind Helden


  1. Intro (from «Untitled» album)
  2. Here to Stay
  3. Good God
  4. Coming Undone
  5. Falling Away From Me
  6. Somebody Someone
  7. Right Now
  8. Shoots and Ladders (with a snippet of Metallica’s «One» at the end)
  9. Divine
  10. Got the Life
  11. Evolution
  12. Y’All Want a Single
  13. Twisted Transistor
  14. Freak on a Leash
  15. Clown
  16. Blind

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