KoRn 2009-05-26 Piere’s Entertainment Center, Fort Wayne, IN, USA

5629 Saint Joe Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46835
Directions: Google Maps
Also known as Pieres, Pierre’s Night Club


  1. Right Now
  2. Good God
  3. Did My Time
  4. Thoughtless
  5. Falling Away From Me
  6. Clown
  7. Ball Tongue (with a snippet of «La Di Da Di» from Slick Rick)
  8. Bagpipe Interlude
  9. Helmet in the Bush
  10. Twist
  11. Fake
  12. Y’All Want a Single
  13. Coming Undone (with a snippet of Queen’s «We Will Rock You»)
  14. Somebody Someone
  15. Freak on a Leash
  16. Encore:

  17. Blind
  18. Here to Stay
  19. Got the Life

Show Notes:
Possibly out of order