KoRn 2011-05-26 Palace of Sports, Minsk, Belarus

Also known as Дворец спорта
Other Bands: Flymore


  1. Blind
  2. Here to Stay
  3. Pop a Pill
  4. Freak on a Leash (followed by snippet of » Breathe» by Pink Floyd)
  5. Shoots and Ladders (with a snippet of Metallica’s «One» at the end)
  6. Got the Life
  7. Alone I Break
  8. Oildale (Leave Me Alone)
  9. Right Now
  10. Need To (only played until bridge section)
  11. Somebody Someone
  12. Helmet in the Bush
  13. Encore:

  14. Falling Away from Me
  15. Coming Undone / We Will Rock You / Twisted Transistor / Make Me Bad / Thoughtless / Did My Time / Clown
  16. Y’All Want a Single