KoRn 2021-04-24 Stranger Things: The Drive Into Experience, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Los Angeles, CA, United States


  1. Intro
  2. Victimized (live debut)
  3. Cold
  4. Insane
  5. Falling Away From Me
  6. You’ll Never Find Me
  7. Thoughtless (first time since 2010)
  8. Coming Undone
  9. Throw Me Away (first time since 2011)
  10. Justin
  11. Black Is the Soul
  12. Freak on a Leash
  13. Alone I Break
  14. Dirty (first time since 2011)
  15. Can You Hear Me
  16. Ball Tongue (first time since 2015)
  17. Narcissistic Cannibal
  18. Here to Stay

Show Notes:
«Korn Monumental» streaming event. «Blind» was on the setlist but was not played or streamed. Final show with bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu before his hiatus beginning in June of 2021.

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