Love and Death 2021-02-12 Private Venue, Nashville, TN, USA


  1. Infamy
  2. Tragedy (Live Premiere)
  3. Meltdown
  4. Lo Lamento (Live Premiere)
  5. Down (with Keith Wallen) (Live Premiere)
  6. Death of Us (with Keith Wallen) (Live Premiere)
  7. By the Way (with Keith Wallen)
  8. The Abandoning (with Keith Wallen)
  9. The Hunter (with Keith Wallen) (Live Premiere)
  10. Slow Fire (with Keith Wallen) (Live Premiere)
  11. Let Me Love You (DJ Snake cover) (with Lacey Sturm) (Live Premiere)
  12. Whip It (DEVO cover)
  13. Paralyzed
  14. White Flag (with Matty Mullins) (Live Premiere)

Show Notes:
«Perfectly Preserved» album release party live stream. First live show since 2014. First show with Jasen Rauch and Isaiah Perez.

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