KoRn 2022-06-18 Graspop Metal Meeting 2022, Boeretang, Dessel, Belgium

Event / Festival: Graspop Metal Meeting 2022
Other Bands: Bad Medicine, Blues Pills, Boston Manor, Cemetery Sun, Counterparts, DJ Carl, Decapitated, Decapitated, Devin Townsend, Down, Dying Fetus, Eisbrecher, Europe, Five Finger Death Punch, Fleddy Melculy, Foreigner, Good Riddance, Ihsahn, Imminence, Judas Priest, Killthelogo, Kontrust, Lagwagon, Majestica, Massive Wagons, Michael Schenker Group, Myles Kennedy, Opeth, Red Fang, Rock the Fox, Saxon, Shinedown, Smash Into Pieces, Tribulation, Ugly Kid Joe, Van Hagar, Walls of Jericho


  1. Here to Stay
  2. Got the Life
  3. Falling Away From Me
  4. Start the Healing
  5. Cold
  6. Shoots and Ladders
  7. Y’All Want a Single
  8. Somebody Someone
  9. Worst Is on Its Way
  10. Coming Undone
  11. Freak on a Leash
  12. It’s On! / Trash / Did My Time
  13. Twist
  14. A.D.I.D.A.S.
  15. Blind